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Essential: For all managers who want to know what their future holds

Assessments for managers - Optimize your leadership skills and discover your potential
In today's business world, it is crucial to know and strengthen your leadership skills. When evaluating managers, often only figures such as turnover, capacity utilisation or production and sales data are emphasised, while important leadership skills and competencies tend to remain in the background. But it is precisely these skills that are the real key to success.

Our platform offers a unique and comprehensive assessment with clear results in the 25 key competency areas, complemented by detailed recommendations to improve and strengthen each category. These can be used as a basis for personal development planning. Depending on the package you choose, you will receive your results in a comprehensive report with over 50 pages packed with crucial information.

If you wish, you can create your own personal certificate that you can use as proof of your extensive skills for job applications, appraisal interviews and other purposes and that will set you apart from your colleagues or competitors.

In the premium version, you receive further, highly interesting information about your personal manager profile and your competencies as a manager. Your strengths and possible shortcomings as well as recommendations for your ideal areas of work in suitable companies are identified and presented. This is the best basis for your further professional career that you can currently find.

For companies, we offer the business version, which provides your managers with the ideal tool for management, training and career planning. Special volume discounts allow cost-effective use across the board and are the ideal basis for regular use.

Strong leadership skills are essential, especially in challenging times. Our tool enables not only self-assessment, but also comparison with industry standards. Find out whether you are in the right position with your skills or whether you should change (available in the basic, premium and business versions).

You can evaluate not only yourself, but also your team, your colleagues or your line manager in order to organise effective performance reviews and development plans.

All results are based on scientific findings and extensive professional experience, supplemented by the latest methods of artificial intelligence. You receive a comprehensive result with an assessment of your skills and valuable tips on how you can further develop your strengths and eliminate weaknesses. In the premium and business versions, you will receive additional information about your appearance, your type, your optimal deployment options in the job, areas in which you urgently need to take action and further strengths from any overlaps with related types.

Discover your full leadership potential and secure a decisive advantage in the digital business world. Use our unique tool today and find the right opportunities for you to be successful and satisfied in business.
hoFFmann consultingservices
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It is not the strongest who survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one who is most willing to change.
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